Learn with Jason Lyle Black:  Composing Your First Song

Learn with Jason Lyle Black: Composing Your First Song

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This course will be released in April 2018, as part of Jason Lyle Black's new online education series.  Based on the popular workshop method Jason has taught for over seven years, course includes the following:

  • Training Video 1:  Basic Theory for Composition (5 min.).  Covers C Major Scale, C Major triads, Roman numeral numbering system.
  • Training Video 2:  How to Write Your First Song (15 min.).  Covers choosing chord progressions, creating "anchor notes", and connecting the rhythm and melody line.
  • Training Video 3:  Embellishing Your Song (7 min.).  Covers basic techniques for creating arpeggios, introductions, and endings.
  • Training Video 4:  Melody Fundamentals (5 min.).  Covers basic techniques for how to shape an effective melody.
  • Course Packet Materials (PDF, 16 pages).  Includes printable worksheets and written examples for each of the above four training segments.

This method is designed for pianists, but is helpful for non-pianists who are comfortable reading basic sheet music in both treble and bass clef.  Great for ages 12 and up, or younger students who understand basic theory.

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